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Kuwait Articles

Thompson hoping for another shot

IT'S not so much the moment of truth, more the month of decision for Archie Thompson.


A crisis erupted between Iraq and the US after Iraq decided to expel United Nations inspectors after refusing them access to its weapons sites. The US threatened invasion and President Bill Clinton ordered the carrier USS George Washington to join the carrier USS Nimitz in the Gulf. The US more


OMAN v AUSTRALIA Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex Muscat, tomorrow 1am (AEST)

Merrick sitting on new deal

MELBOURNE Victory coach Ernie Merrick has been fielding a two-year contract extension for some time but has yet to agree to the terms, club chairman Geoff Lord said yesterday as speculation over the dual championship-winning coach's future with the club mounts.


One of the most economically successful nations in Asia is Kuwait. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is both a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary government. The name Kuwait, which means "fortress built near water" in Arabic, is based on the country's geographical location. Kuwait is ranked ninth in the "Richest Countries in the World" list.

More than half of the population of Kuwait, surprisingly, are not Kuwaiti nationals. As strange as it is, Kuwaiti nationals are actually a minority in their own country. The majority of the population of Kuwait is composed of Arabs from nearby countries. The number of non-Kuwaiti residents from other Asian nations are also rapidly increasing. Around 39% of the country's total population is now composed of Assyrians, Bangladeshis, Indians, Filipinos and Pakistanis.

Where to go in Kuwait

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Kuwait is Failaka Island. Located in the northern part of the Persian Gulf, Failaka Island is the favourite springtime destination of Kuwaitis. Failaka Island, whose ecosystem is different from that of mainland Kuwait, is frequently visited by Kuwaitis who wish to relax and unwind during weekends. Some of the activities you can enjoy during your stay in Failaka Island include boating, fishing, sailing and swimming.

Failaka Island, aside from being a favourite tourist spot, is also a famous archaeological site. The island has a rich history that dates back to the Bronze Age Dilmun civilisation. The archaeological artifacts discovered in Failaka Island are now displayed in the National Museum of Kuwait in Kuwait City. Because of the bombings during the Iraqi occupation, however, parts of Failaka Island have been destroyed. With the help of Greece, the government of Kuwait is now slowly rebuilding their beloved island. Plans of turning Failaka Island into a vacation paradise is still under negotiations.

Other popular tourist destinations in Kuwait are Bayt Al-Badr, Dickson's House, Doja Village, Folklore Centre, Khiran Resort, Kuwait Municipal Gardens, Kuwait Towers, Liberation Monument, Museum of Islamic Antique, Saif Al-Shamlan Museum, Oil Display Centre, Old City Wall Gates, Sadu House, The Scientific Centre and The Red Palace.

What to do in Kuwait

One of the things you have to experience during your stay in Kuwait is participating in a Dewaniya. A Dewaniya is a regular social gathering wherein Kuwaitis discuss life, business, culture and politics. There are three types of Dewaniya: family Dewaniya for family members, private Dewaniya for close friends and public Dewaniya for everybody who wish to participate. The place where Kuwaitis gather for a Dewaniya, which is separate from the main house of the host, is also called Dewaniya.

Aside from the exchanging of opinions during a Dewaniya, Kuwaitis also enjoy playing sports. Because of the Kuwaitis' genuine love for sports, many sports clubs were built in the country. These sports clubs offer a variety of facilities and venues for both indoor and outdoor sports such as basketball, bowling, cycling, karate, golf, gymnastics, hiking, horseback riding, powerboating, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, swimming and tennis.